Virtual Plein Air – Higashiōsaka, Japan

A nice break in-between working on Project Samurai and some other work, I like to do some spitpaints or Virtual Plein Air from time-to-time. This one was no exception – in this case, I wanted to see how much I could put in in an hour or two as a pre-sleep painting^^ so it was a test to see how much I can observe and convey, in both blocks of colour, as well as details if time allows.

Virtual Plein Air – Higashiōsaka, Japan

On a side note, I’m doing some cleanup of tags & categories because they’ve been bugging me for ages, so hopefully there will be a cleaner and more efficient navigation at some point in the near future! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Google Maps view:

Inner Citadel – Colour and Amendments

So from the previous sketch of Project Samurai’s Inner Citadel, I’ve made some improvements to the painting and added colour – wahey! 🙂

With the current work I’ve been doing in the background (more news on that will be coming soon), I’ve gotten into Cyberpunk and Futuristic landscapes quite a bit, so it seemed natural to create something along those lines, and darn it, it was so fun to do.

Click the image to view in larger size!

Project Samurai – Inner Citadel

Tokyo Subway/Kaonashi Densha

Happy New Year! Hope everybody has enjoyed their seasonal celebrations.

Beginning the new year with a colour study of a wonderful photo taken by Shuji Hiramatsu of the Tokyo Subway…with a small addition 😉 I couldn’t resist adding the tram featured in Studio Ghibli movies into the mix.

Original photo © Shuji Hiramatsu


Painting Practice #4 – Sir Galahad, Process

A process of the painting practice of Sir Galahad from Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 in lovely gif form 🙂 followed by some details of the painting.  And this brings us to the end of 2016 – how time flies! I hope everybody enjoys the celebrations over the New Year, and may your wishes all come true for 2017!

Detail shots:




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Spitpaint Collection #8

Longer post this time! Managed to paint a few more over a long weekend. Very rusty, so it’s great to be practising again.

Daily Spitpaint – Climbing
‘Found A Clue’
Daily Spitpaint – Small Creature
‘Small Creature’
Daily Spitpaint - Small Creature 2
‘Small Creature #2’
'Sim City' (Unfinished, ran out of time)
‘Sim City’ (Unfinished, ran out of time)


‘Found A Clue’ – Timelapse video of process:


‘Small Creature – Timelapse video of process:

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Painting Practice #3 – Sir Galahad, The Order 1886

Ad continuum Sir Galahad from The Order 1886! And calling this complete, as I would like to paint something else now. I really enjoyed this painting practice because it gave me time to reflect on a lot of detail through blocks.


Elements added since previous post:

  • Embellishment on neckplate
  • Additional detail on rope embellishment
  • More detail on the motto patch – ‘Post Tenebras Veritas(After the darkness, the truth)
  • More fabric

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