UTGP 2017

The winners of Uniqlo’s UTGP (Uniqlo T-shirt Grand Prix) 2017 have finally been announced after an excruciating wait. Though I didn’t manage to win the judges’ hearts with my submission, the design was fun to make, and it also brought back a lot of memories of playing Pokémon Red on my Game Boy.

© Scarlett Fu


I wanted to celebrate the history of Nintendo, where its roots came from since the beginning in 1889 in Kyoto. The logo on the front is the first logo of Nintendo, with the frame of the design inspired by the design of the original Game Boy’s screen. Accompanied by Pokémon characters, the characters who have grown up with a lot of us since its release, dressed in traditional Japanese garments.

The design is an amalgamation of Nintendo’s cultural Japanese roots as well as Pokémon’s strength in inspiring such a long-standing love amongst young and old alike.
Many congratulations to the winners!

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